Best Professional Esport Players and Most Popular Competitve Games

Best Professional Esport Players

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Esports betting is a relatively new variant of wagering but has gained a lot of popularity throughout these years. It is actually playing video games and competing for real money. Many people are wondering If the betting on popular esports games is legal. There are many restrictions on online betting, but it does not mean that is completely illegal. In some of the countries it is legal but for now in the US still illegal.

Most Popular Esport Games Today

There are many popular esports games nowadays. You can find on the internet more info about the odd squad live tour dates and join in the tournaments that many online websites provide. Here you have the list of top 10 popular esports games:

  • Fortnite

  • League of legends

  • Dota 2

  • Overwatch

  • Hearthstone

  • Counter-strike: Global offensive

  • PlayerUknown’s battlegrounds

  • World of Warcraft

  • Apex legends

  • Mortal Kombat 11

Esport Controversy with Inside Betting

According to some online sources, it was uncovered that a tournament in Counter-Strike was thrown by iBUYPOWER against netcodeguides where the popular esports games players were competing for money. It was not sure until they discovered an amount of 10.000 dollars and nine different accounts related to one. Their accounts had the transfer of different high valued items won from the same match. Through the historical activities, it was proved and the players were banned from the upcoming Counter- Strike: Global offensive matches. Here we provide you the names of the banned players:

  • Duc Pham as “cud”

  • Derek Boorn as “dboorn”

  • Casey Foster

  • Sam Marine as “Dazed”

  • Braxton Pierce as “swag”

  • Keven Larivière as “AZK”

  • Joshua Nissan as “Steel”

Later, it was unrevealed another story of eight players for Chicago White Sox that were caught throwing a tournament in the first World Series (First World War) for 100.000$. It was thought that the baseball players were paid so little by Charles Comiskey (their owner) and that was the reason of the playing for money. Managed by William Gleasoon known as “Kid” here we provide you the players’ names and nicknames:

  • Joe Jackson as “Shoeless”

  • Claude Williams as “Lefty”

  • George Daniel Weaver as “Buck”

  • Arnold Gandil as “Chick”

  • Charles Risberg as “Swede”

  • Oscar Felsch as “Happy”

As the popular professional esports games are available on many legal online casino sites, you can find many online casinos that offer a sign up welcome casino bonus or other features that will provide you free play of your favorite esports game, improve your skills and join many tournaments. The interesting features that the legal online casinos offer can bring you a big amount of real money while learning the strategies of these popular games.

Best Professional Players Today

We have the list of the best professional players nowadays that have become popular because of the esports games tournaments. The most professional players in the famous games are:

Lee Sang-hyeok as ‘Faker’

This 22-year old boy from South Korea was three times world champion of the famous game League of Legends. He is very skilled and able to use the strategies to win while playing this game.

Marcelo David as ‘Coldzera’

Only 24 years old and a Counter Strike- Global Offensive champion. His origin is from Brasil and winning many tournaments constantly every year.

Nikola Kova as ‘NiKo’

This 22 years old boy is another Counter-Strike: Global offensive professional player. He has insane kills totals in his matches and that is the main reason why has become very popular and professional player.

Peter Dager as ‘ppd’

We know that Dota 2 is also part of the most professional and popular esports games. The net of this American is worth 2 million dollars because of his title as CEO former of the successful team Evil Geniuses.

Austin Wilmot as ‘Muma’

Another professional gamer that won the hearts of the fans as a star of the Overwatch League. Currently is playing for the Houston outlaws. He has great skills on the worldwide stage and has become very quickly a popular and professional player.

Upcoming Esports Events

There are many online events that you can join and play your favorite game. The availably of the esports games on mobile apps, allow you to join in the leagues and tournaments such as:

  • Clash royale league

  • PUBG mobile club open

  • Valor Series

  • Vainglory

All these tournaments and leagues provide you a chance to join and win real money that values over 2$ million.

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