Betting on Esports

Info on Esport Betting

Esports betting is playing video games and competing to win real money. This is a relatively new sport but it has gained popularity in the last few years. It has become a serious thing for gamblers because of the involvement of money and chances for esports betting online.

Safety and Legality

Just because of the restrictions made on online betting, it does not mean that esports betting is illegal. There are many sites where you can bet and still not get in trouble. For now, it is legal in some countries such as the United Kingdom, New Zeland, Australia, Taiwan, Macau, Japan, and Korea. In the USA, for now, it is still illegal.

betting on Esports

How to Bet in Online Sites

Many sites offer professional games and allow you esports betting while improving bet skills. Every online casinos sites have a games summary where is explained how to bet. Many promotions and features they have, allow you to play and win real money.

How to read odds

The odds come in three formats: American, decimal and fractional. Here we provide you a short explanation on how these odds work:

  • American. This format of betting odds, as the title suggests, it is more popular in the United States of America than the other countries. It consists of a positive and negative number. If your odds team is a positive number you receive 500$ for every 100$ bet. The formula is (stake+(odds*(stake/100)). If your odds team is a negative number you have to bet as stakes to win 100$. For example, if your team odds -250, you have to bet 250$ to win a 100$ so 250+100 = total payout is 350$. The formula for calculating is stake+((100/odds) x stake)
  • Decimal. The most popular odds are the decimal odds. Most of the esports sites offer the decimal format of odds. This type of odds format consists just positive numbers. If you bet 99$ on your team to win and it has 2.099 as an odd, your final payout will be 99*2.099 = 207.88 dollars.
  • Fractional. These odds are called UK odds or British odds because are quite popular in the United Kingdom. The odds are 5/1 it means five to one ( x and y team). If you bet 20$ on team X your payout will be 5*20=100$.

Types of bets you can place

  • Match winner-You choose who will win the match.
  • Tournament winner-You predict the winner of all the tournaments and bet on it.
  • Correct score- Predict what will be the correct score after the match is finished and bet.
  • Handicap- You can bet on the handicap instead of placing shorts odds for the favorite team, you place a bet with longer odds.
  • First kill – As a betting special you can place this bet on prediction who will do the first kill
  • First map – You bet on who will win the first map
  • Odd/events bets- You predict the number of games won, players killed and rounds played and place the bet.
  • Over/under bets – After you understand the odd/events bets, you can try this one by whether the team will score more or less than some amount provided.

Popular Games for Betting

The best popular esports betting games provide you enjoyment while esports betting because of the action stages that they have. Here you have a list of the popular games for betting:

  • Dota 2
  • Counter-Strike
  • LOL
  • Overwatch
  • Fortnite

Where Can You Bet

There are many online legal casino sites that offer you no deposit casino bonuses as a welcome casino bonus and provide free esports betting. As the most important online casinos are:

  • Betfair
  • Paddy power
  • 888 Sport
  • Ladbrokes
  • William Hill

Examine our comprehensive guide and use the provided parameters to select an eSports betting site best suits your betting preferences. You can find multiple platforms that cater to the international online casino community holding licenses from respectable regulatory agencies. These brands offer in-depth coverage of multiple eSports markets and provide competitive odds on tournaments from around the globe. Additionally, you can formulate a betting slip with bonus funds available to new and existing bettors through a diverse range of bonuses and loyalty programs. Learn to read the odds and make educated bets on a platform of your choice.

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