Live Streaming on Tournament Matches

Spain, at the Head of Europe in Esports

Dota 2 world champion Daniel ‘Dendi’ Ishutin is the sports personality with the most followers on Twitter across Ukraine, beating any basketball player or footballer in his country. Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag, a professional in Call of Duty, has more Twitter followers than two elite athletes such as cyclist Alberto Contador or driver Jorge Lorenzo.

It is not a simple sports movement. They are part of a revolution driven by the expansion of the internet and the arrival of new platforms. Esports events are followed mainly through, an online relay platform. In it, we can see from cooking programs to the best live poker. It is a completely different form of communication from the conventional.

Twitch, where they do not stop breaking records, already has more viewers than important American television channels (many more than any Spanish channel), and more than 80% of its traffic is related to esports. The online sales company Amazon acquired for 735 million euros in 2014, and since then, it has only grown at a dizzying pace, currently having more than 100 million monthly viewers.

Traditional Sport Enters Esports

Traditional sports clubs and even major competitions like LaLiga are already in the sector. Baskonia, the third largest Spanish basketball club, had been betting heavily on esports since its birth almost three years ago.

FC Barcelona has seen the reef and joined the party this 2018. Brazil’s Santos Fútbol Club, where Pelé played, also has its electronics division. But these are not the only clubs present: Valencia CF, Schalke 04, Sporting de Lisboa, Manchester City, Wolfsburg, West Ham United, or Besiktas are other examples.
It may be difficult to understand as early as esports inspire and form a fundamental part of the lives of millions of people. Great documentaries have been made that bring this culture closer to the general public. Although he is already a few years old, one of the most famous is Valve’s Free to Play, which tells the story of the biggest tournament so far from the players’ perspective.

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