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The eSports are not as a young industry as people think. We could track professional video game competitions until that tournament, where a handful of kids aspired to an annual subscription to Rolling Stone magazine. The game was ‘Spacewar!’ and the console an oscilloscope. It was 1972.

What do we say with this? That eSports have been promoting digital and massive participation, the debugging of the technique, and the demand to reach new goals for more than 45 years.

But the truth is that every day there are more and more young people who make the leap towards professionalization. And not all games have the same route. Either by novelty or by being in the shadow of some massive success – such as ‘Smite’ versus ‘ League of Legends ‘ – we can trace ideal examples to start competing. Games in which to put the foot dressed with a powerful laptop to travel – like this Predator Helios 300 – and not stop playing.


We find another similar example. Blizzard’s famous card game allows us to ascend to The Hearthstone World Championship without the need for great sponsorship, just a good convertible, and the ability to dedicate a few hours every week.

With almost 600 cards to collect, this game has four regions (Americas, Europe, Asia, and China) to optimize communication between different online competitions. Each region maintains an independent profile, so if we want to try our luck in a different region, we will have to start from scratch.


‘Overwatch’ is one of those ideal shooters to start. The considered ‘Best Game of the Year’ in the Game Awards – and also Blizzard’s work – is ideal to start in the online ecosystem. Its community is much more plural and fundamentalist than other similar spaces – like that of CSGO, a more conservative community full of aimbots.

In addition, we talk about a game with 27 heroes, each with its own game idiosyncrasy, your special techniques, and the way you handle it. So it is difficult for you not to find your ideal model. And its own official league plus the different Open Cups that we can enjoy each week make it an eSport wide enough to grow but limited to not face an excessive competition.

Forza Motorsport 7

Compared to other more demanding driving games such as ‘Assetto Corsa’, ‘rFactor 2’, or ‘iRacing’ , this racing sim has been designed for use with control. Perhaps this is why they call it arcade, for not facing pure simulation and offering a bit of a less realistic but enormously addictive show.

In addition, we are facing one of the driving games with more possibilities and less competition. Hundreds of vehicles and tracks give us one of the most attractive alternatives to debut in the competition.

Its official eSports tournament, the ‘ Forza Racing Championship 2018 ′ (ForzaRC for friends), began last April 2 and had $ 250,000 in prizes. Through a public record, any player can opt for the award.

Call of Duty WWII

Unlike the aforementioned ‘League of Legends’ or ‘DOTA2’ – even a simple ‘FIFA ‘ – ‘Call of Duty’ does not require a steep learning curve. His latest “Call of Duty XP” present in his delivery about World War II has taught us a basic guideline: to be a better player, and you just have to practice, practice, and keep practicing.

Yes, maybe we could say the same about any eSports. But ‘Call of Duty’ does not have lore, a networked system of classes that can be learned by heart to achieve minimum guarantees. It’s just about aiming, shooting, and shooting better and better.

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